“My daughter loved Camp Cyan! It was the perfect mix of art + tinkering. I like that there was a combination of structured projects (e.g. everyone working on a self portrait at the same time) and unstructured projects (e.g. making random structures out of cardboard and pipe cleaners) where the kids were given the time and space to just create whatever they wanted to their hearts’ content. She was never bored, and she came home happy and tired each day. We’ll be signing her up next year, for sure.” – Sara Kocek, Parent at Art camp

“If we knew it would be this awesome, we would’ve signed up for more.” – Parent, at Tinkering camp

“Every morning my daughter wants to get out of bed just to goto camp.” – Parent, at Programming camp.

“I can’t recommend Camp Cyan enough. My 5 year old daughter attended almost all of the weeks this summer and absolutely LOVED it. At the end of each day she was having so much fun that she really didn’t want to leave! It has been about 2 months since she was there this summer and she still talks about it and wants to go back next summer. While she loved most everything, I think her most favorite was the time spent at the Tinkering Station (this was set up each day and the children could do it whenever they had finished the other projects, or just wanted to take a break).

From a parent perspective, I was also extremely happy with the program. Meena, the Director and Owner, planned amazing STEAM projects each day that fit in so nicely to the week’s theme. The projects really challenged the kids to think creatively….(and my most favorite)… to experiment to see what would work. They spent time prototyping certain things and then could go back in and refine their design to get it to work in a desired way. I’m a huge proponent of Project Based Learning and Camp Cyan did an amazing job facilitating exactly that. I could really tell a difference in the way my daughter would approach a problem, from the beginning of the summer to the end. She would get much less frustrated at home when doing projects and just ‘put on her thinking cap’ when things didn’t work out to find a viable solution. I really saw my daughter grow over the course of the summer in this area… all the while having so much FUN. My daughter also learned about: some physics concepts, art (specific artists, their work, and then trying to replicate their style), woodworking, upcycling, chemistry, ancient fabrics…The list goes on!

I also loved the emphasis placed on recycling and upcycling materials… my daughter still loves to go check out our recycle bin to see what sorts of cool things she can find to make things with 🙂 A big piece of the camp was arts based as well, and the children had a lot of freedom to be creative and artsy with each project.

This is an amazing program! We loved it and will be going back for more!” – Risa Hartman, parent of a student who attended all the camps.

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