Summer Camp

Camp Cyan will not be offering camps in 2020.

Our camp themes are:

Art and Creativity: Join us, at Camp Cyan, for a week of creativity and art where we will together discover our worlds of imagination. We will learn to paint with watercolors, acrylics and inks on a variety of papers and canvas. A renowned local Austin Artist will be visiting us for a very special camp activity. The goal of this camp is to provide a collaborative environment to develop creativity, learn painting techniques and experiment while nurturing each child’s ideas.

Programming: Camp Cyan’s Programming camp introduces kids to technology, projects and writing code to take those projects from ideas to usable products. Why do algebra? Really how small are atoms? What is binary? In our Programming camp we focus on helping understand the significance of what kids learn in school with meaningful, purposeful technology projects. We will be programming in Scratch to help solve explorative problems and using Engineering to design our own inventions. We will also reverse engineer and take apart gadgets while learning the ethics of science and technology. We will be programming a EV3 Lego Robotics kit. A renowned local Austin Engineer will be visiting us for a very special camp activity. The goal of this camp is to build critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills with hands-on real-world applications.

STEAM: At Camp Cyan we believe that creativity and curiosity go hand in hand. Camp Cyan’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) camp provides a balance of critical and creative thinking. What really happens when I get the flu? What is the divine ratio? In our STEAM camp we focus on understanding concepts with meaningful, purposeful projects that are creatively designed, while combining art into all the projects. Building circuits, architectural design, chemical reactions and physics experiments with light and sound will define our week. A renowned local Austin Artist+Scientist will be visiting us for a very special camp activity. The goal of this camp is to encourage kids to have a well rounded education background, an open perspective on using STEAM, with a sense of social responsibility so that they may together grow to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ancient Arts and Fabrics: Join us, at Camp Cyan, as we learn about ancient art forms and how natural materials were used as paints. We will experiment with natural pigments, flowers, leaves, herbs and rocks to create our own natural paints. We will be dyeing our own fabrics using dyes we make in this camp. We will learn weaving, sewing and embroidery techniques. A renowned local Austin Fabric Artist will be visiting us for a very special camp activity. The goal of this camp is to build honor and appreciation for our roots as work with our hands just like our ancestors, while exploring each child’s creativity.

Tinkering and Upcycling: Taught in collaboration with local Austin renowned woodworker, Abby Ruston. We will be wood-working, using actual tools even power tools. We will be building and reverse engineering items that the kids can use and be proud of, individually and as a team. The goal of this camp is to promote project based thinking, from ideation to end product, and to leave each child inspired. We generate a lot of trash, collectively, as human beings. It’s time we turn our trash to one of a kind usable items. We will be thinking out of the box – critically analyzing the problem of trash generation and coming up with creative solutions. Every child will not only go home with products they built but they will also be empowered with a new point of view of turning trash into treasures. The second goal of this camp is to playfully enhance problem solving skills and broadening perspectives of those already curious minds.

Architecture: Taught in collaboration with architecture firm, BLGY, this camp is all about architecture and spatial awareness. If the number of cranes in our downtown Austin skyline is any indication of our current learning direction, then we are all set here at Camp Cyan’s architecture camp. In this camp we will design, build, frame problems and solve them, collaborate and develop analytical skills. Beyond that we will be building a sense of spatial awareness. Our activities this week will encourage creative thinking while exploring our city from within the class. We will build a real relation with our city and the community and the houses we live in with architectural concepts. We will identify how Austin’s infrastructure addresses our needs with constraints and we will come up with our own solutions. In this camp we will have a final day presentation to communicate our ideas to each other.

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