Camp Cyan builds Critical, Creative and Comprehensive thinking for Youth and young children with Analytical approaches for real world Applications to build a Nurturing and supportive community.

Camp Cyan is a place where kids build their creative and critical thinking skills. The kids use analytical approaches to create meaningful and purposeful projects with real world applications. Adult guides help facilitate the camp and work collaboratively as a team with the children, rather than as teachers. Together we provide a nurturing and supportive community for the kids to shine in their own light.

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At Camp Cyan, our camps are focussed on all round development of a child. In all camps we strive to provide a balance of creative and critical thinking skills. With our diverse projects on art, robotics, fabrics, upcycling and coding, your children will have fun while learning in the creative process.

Youth and young children

Your children will not only learn new skills but also build confidence, learn problem solving and reasoning skills. They will feel empowered with critical knowledge and creative intellect at the end of camp.


Analytical approaches


Why learn algebra in school? What does it really mean when books say nothing travels faster than light? Why memorize multiplication tables? These are all great questions and at Camp Cyan we focus on helping understand the significance of what kids learn in school with meaningful, purposeful projects. All our projects have real world applications designed to nurture the analytical mind.

Nurturing community


All of this is possible when we collaborate. Adult camp guides are present to help facilitate learning as a teams. Our camp games will make kids laugh out loud. Children will build friendships here. As much as we want to celebrate each child’s growth and accomplishment, more importantly we want them to celebrate and respect each other. They will leave here feeling inspired.

Just the way the colors come together to form a beautiful artwork so does camp to form a community supporting each other in our journeys. It takes a village, whether it’s to raise a child or to bring about monumental change. We, as parents and educators, sow seeds of change. We create, educate, connect, communicate and inspire. Together.


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